Monday, 17 October 2011

The Mafia Mantra

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I've been all around the globe and it is strange that you can go to so many countries and there is a distinct divide when it comes to the adoration and castigation of the English. Like many in this country hate the French, the world in many quarters despise us as a population. I hate what I see myself on a daily basis and it makes my imagination run wild with anger at how shocking the people are here. No love, no community, no aspirations other than a craving for cigarettes and alcohol. The Government must smile a Cheshire cat smile every day at the addiction levels and how well these individuals are lining their coffers.

An odd example that I have come across is the manner in which Ray 'Bet365' Winstone speaks. It makes a mockery of the term 'English'. Ultimately what makes it worse is that the majority of the country can relate to it. "Bet Free Shix Foive". Absolutely abysmal. Akin to making a fool of himself is another model citizen, Mr John Terry. A one man band that thought, in this day and age, that mutiny was an option. He is once again captain of this nation's football team and it pains me to view him in any light whatsoever. More often than not, I just turn off the TV. Many believe that money and/or wages are the catalyst for this outrageous behaviour but I kid you not, it isn't. Anyone having that conversation is talking nonsense and a product of this country's problems. They rely on hearsay and repeat someone else's quips in order to sound more intelligent. It's a cliché that we don't need to hear quite frankly.

No other country has such an outspoken culture. Here players can hide behind injunctions and hold clubs to ransom in many, many ways. Examples being, threatening to score an own goal, not coming on to play, handing in nonsensical transfer requests. There's probably plenty more examples that have been hidden too. I mean what makes a football player think it's okay to come out, in front of the worldwide media and verbally destroy his own manager, question his methods and assume it will have a positive effect? You could blame the media for giving him a stage to view his ridiculous opinions but that is a story for another day. How can such tyranny create a harmonious atmosphere? His captaincy was taken from him due to the adultery that he committed and that is not the example anyone wants to set. Proof that the innate behaviour of screaming loud enough and some fool will listen. No doubt that a journalist won't be far away either.

I've not been a person to state the obvious too much, you may have noticed I mentioned that in my last post on Ingerland. Hence why I'm not going to mention the way that Barcelona conduct themselves as it is known to all and my upcoming piece on La Masia will delve into more detail. Instead, I'm going to take you to Italy to prove my point further.

Alessandro Del Piero, Christian Vieri and Andrea Pirlo to name a few are/were extremely high earners in Serie A. 6 figure weekly salaries arrived in their bank accounts but these are men that carry themselves with dignity and exude respect in astonishing amounts. They are humble, yet earn the same or sometimes more than players in this country. You will never hear of a player in Italy disrespecting his manager or holding his club to ransom. Mainly due to the fear of waking up one day with a horses head in your bed and your entire family tree massacred . Is that not the atmosphere that is needed at such a prestigious and high profile institute? An atmosphere of fear of the hierarchy? A workplace ethos such as that would not breed the kind of contempt we have here. You can just sense the grandioseness of the clubs in Italy and the respect garnered from all when you wear the shirt. It is why I am struggling to come to terms with the morons we have in this country.

Cast your mind to Ashley Cole and lose count of the constant expletives that roll off his tongue with ease. The way in which his face scrunches up as he launches his next tirade at player and referee alike. Though opening a restaurant with Jay Z and hiring disadvantaged children is all that is needed to pull the wool over our eyes. All will remember the infamous two occasions where he turned his back on a referee and nearly crashing his car after hearing his boyhood club would make him a millionaire in a couple of years. Crashing his car as that wasn't enough money apparently. Part of me wishes he crashed that day just so he could have received a much needed sense of perspective. His respect, or lack thereof cannot be explained from analysing his upbringing alone. I mean has he done anything wrong when John Terry, an inferior footballer, across the city is earning  twice as much? Disdain such as this can only occur here and the people at the top are powerless to stop it when Fifa are just as ridiculous. Again, another article in the pipeline.

The innate thinking of 'doing what you like' is a major factor concerning other countries hatred for England. It follows England into every football tournament and starts from the bottom up; all the way from fans to John Terry. I'd rather never see this guy lift a trophy than see him happy. Remember that John Terry is pretty much racist and leads out our best footballers at stadia around the globe and has been put there by our infamous Football Association. I greet the FA with such derision these days but again, I won't digress too much. They massage the ego of a so called role model and I really feel sorry for children looking up to him. I can't blame them for wanting to be millionaires for acting like a child.

Please don't view me as hate-filled, that couldn't be further from the truth. I am merely stating facts coupled with my own opinions. I will continue to air such frustrations when it comes to many footballers in this country and call it what you want, a lack of respect or otherwise. However I can do what I want and you can't do anything to stop me. Why?

Because I am English.


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