About Me

A football fan trying to make the best out of the current situation. My take on things are a little different and normally gets some sort of appreciation. If you like my work, let me know. If you don't, also let me know! Manchester United is my English team of choice, supported by my Dad and that's the way I went as I look up to him. Hate me if you like; that's how I'd rather have it. I feel an affinity to QPR as my childhood was around friends that support them as well as Barcelona for reasons not needed to be said. Along with that, I love the majesty of the Rossoneri and the raucous fans of South America.

As well as enjoying all of football I philosophise from time-to-time and often lose myself in thought. This world is an amazing place and I've seen enough upon my travels to form some semblance of an opinion. However not so much on people but on the way things are.

I love my Nikon D60 and try and take photos whenever I can. Photography page above.

Look out for my pearls of wisdom on Twitter: @amit_m7